Filfla Studio

Filfla Studio
 is an independent creative art house studio based in Malta specialising in storytelling through the medium of 2D animation and graphic art. It was founded by visual artist Fabrizio Ellul in December 2018 as a vehicle to tell stories in different formats.

Filfla Studio’s first story ‘Filfla’ – a self funded short animation (2019) – won the Kinemastik International Short Film Festival Audience Award. 

The animation was followed up by The Sarangu’s World (a research project – 2020) exploring further the world of Filfla and ‘Mr Teddy is Angry’ a short animation (in production, 2020). 

Fabrizio Ellul has over 12 years of experience working in the visual arts, communication and education.



A Giant Teddy Appears in the Valletta Harbour. Media goes into a frenzy. Soon havoc follows.

MR TEDDY IS ANGRY‘ is a short animation currently in production. It is Filfla Studio’s second short animation production after ‘FILFLA‘. It is expected to be finished by mid- 2020 and released in 2021 after a period of Film Festivals.

The animation was awarded a new talent grant by the Malta Film Commission.


Production: Filfla Studio

Story, art and animation: Fabrizio Ellul

with the support of the Malta Film Commission


The Sarangu’s World is a research project supported by Arts Council Malta to explore further the world of Filfla by focusing on the mysterious creature in the animation – The Sarangu (the sack man).

The grant will permit to conduct research on the backstory of this creature – a mythological creature in Maltese folk. Set in 1813 Malta, during an outbreak of Bubonic plague, which left a death toll of 4,500 corpses, the grant will provide the opportunity to re-create the environment, context and research documentation of the period through traditional methods of Fine Arts and methodology.

World Building is an important aspect of any storytelling and needs to provide a sense of immersive realism to create depth and richness to draw the public into it. The research grant will precisely achieve the scope of creating a world where the Sarangu lives and where the public can navigate into.

The research will lead to the eventual development of a graphic novel around the Sarangu – the sack man.

A story revolving around facts, fiction and myth, ‘The Sarangu’s World’ is set as an opportunity to explore further the darker side of Maltese folk and fairytale.

More info will be available soon.

This project is support by Arts Council Malta – Malta Arts Fund


‘Filfla’ follows the story of a woman who goes to look for a boy on the mystical island of Filfla, where a terrifying creature is lurking in its midst. The short animation explores Maltese myth and folk in a story of love, grief, perseverance and hope.

‘Filfla’ is turned into the ‘Isle of the Dead’ where spirits are trapped inside the Island by an evil creature. A woman fights her own grief in pursuit of a boy, who holds the key to defeat this evil creature.

Filfla just like the spirits trapped within it, also seeks to be released.


Produced by Filfla Studio

Story: Fabrizio Ellul

Art, Direction, Animation: Fabrizio Ellul

Voices: Gianni Micallef, Feliciann Aquilina

Music: ‘Heliocentric’ – Parvus Decree; ‘Umlungu’ – John Bartmann

Year: 2019

Country: Malta

Hosted on Retrospective of Jupiter

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Limited edition prints

To support the work of Filfla Studio we are making available the art work of ‘Filfla‘ as limited edition prints. 

General Information:

  • Art by Fabrizio Ellul
  • Printed in the UK
  • Limited edition: 20
  • All prints are printed on Hahnemuhle Bamboo 290 gsm paper.
  • All prints are signed and numbered.
  • A certificate of authenticity is provided with the print.
  • Sizes: FILFLA19.LIM.ED.1 to FILFLA19.LIM.ED.18: 325 x 183mm; FILFLA19.LIM.ED.19: 210 x 297 mm.
  • All prints come with a c.25mm border.
  • Prices: 90 EUR unframed; 120 EUR framed (shipping not included)

View the works here together with the official booklet