FILFLA to be screened on the 26th September in Bristol

FILFLA is to be screened on the 26th September at the Encounters Film Festival in Bristol as part of a Maltese focus day.

FILFLA will be screened together with:

  • O Land of Wrath – Adrian Camilleri
  • Mov Bak Pljiz – Keith Albert Tedesco
  • Ragel tal – Klieb – Samwel Sultana
  • Toxicity – Angelique Muller
  • Malta to Motor City – Charlie Cauchi

Details of event:

Watershed – Cinema 2
1 Canons Road
September 26, 2019, 11:00 AM – 12:29 PM

Tickets can be purchased from here

Encounters is the UK’s leading short film, animation and virtual reality festival.

FILFLA is an award winning animation by visual artist Fabrizio Ellul. A limited print edition has been made available.

This project is supported by Arts Council Malta – Cultural Export Fund