The Sarangu’s World

Filfla Studio has been granted a ‘Research Support Grant’ by Arts Council Malta to explore further the world of Filfla by focusing on the mysterious creature in the animation – The Sarangu (the sack man).

The grant will permit to conduct research on the backstory of this creature – a mythological creature in Maltese folk. Set in 1813 Malta, during an outbreak of Bubonic plague, which left a death toll of 4,500 corpses, the grant will provide the opportunity to re-create the environment, context and research documentation of the period through traditional methods of Fine Arts and methodology.

World Building is an important aspect of any storytelling. It needs to provide a sense of immersive realism to create depth and richness to draw the public into it. The research grant will precisely achieve the scope of creating a world where the Sarangu lives and where the public can navigate into.

The research will lead to the eventual development of a graphic novel around the Sarangu – the sack man.

A story revolving around facts, fiction and myth, ‘The Sarangu’s World’ is set as an opportunity to explore further the darker side of Maltese folk and fairytale.

This project is supported by Arts Council Malta – Malta Arts Fund