Portals and the Upside World in Maltese folk

Maltese folk world is rich in content. Shame most of it got lost.

For instance one interesting aspect of Maltese folk is the upside world or ‘Id Dinja ta Taht’. Nothing to do with Stranger Things. In Stephan D. Mifsud’s ‘the Maltese Bestiary’ this world is made up of different levels: Nephilim, Bufies, Atlandide and Bigibda … all of them with their unique character and flora.

This world can only be accessible through portals.

These portals can be found in wells, caves and the largest one is situated at il Maqluba – a sink hole just outside of Qrendi.

Here is some concept art I developed on the theme of portals.

Portals are of course not unique to Maltese folk. If you are familiar with Japanese manga and anime that is usually how the characters travel from one dimension to another. This is quite worth developing further.

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