Malta Enterprise supports Filfla Studio

The Malta Enterprise is supporting Filfla Studio through a B.Start (2020) grant.

Filfla Studio is an independent creative art house studio based in Malta specialising in storytelling through the medium of 2D animation and graphic art.

Two projects are slated:

  • Mr Teddy is Angry a short animation supported by Screen Malta which is currently being submitted to Film Festivals. It has obtained a semi-finalist status for the Lisbon Rendezvous Festival that will take place in Lisbon, Portugal this summer and an honourable mention at the Onyka Film Awards.
  • Sarangu – a Maltese folktale a graphic novel supporting by Arts Council Malta which will be published in 2022

Its first short animation Filfla won the Kinemastik International Short Film Festival Audience Award in 2019.

The B.Start grant will permit Filfla Studio to continue to be a sustainable venture as an upstart studio in the creative industry.