Mr. Teddy is Angry to be screened in Lisbon, Portugal

Mr. Teddy is Angry – the new short animation by Filfla Studio – will be screened in Lisbon, Portugal this summer after obtaining a Finalist status at the Lisbon Film Rendezvous Festival.

Mr. Teddy is Angry is a short animation (4 mins) by Fabrizio Ellul done in a 2D frame-by-frame technique where every frame is digitally hand drawn. Around 3,000 frames were created for this short.

It follows the story of a giant Teddy that makes an appearance in the Valletta Grand Harbour and soon wreaks havoc. The short animation is being produced by Filfla Studio and has received a ‘New Talent’ grant by Screen Malta

Mr. Teddy is Angry was finalized in March 2021 and is currently being submitted to Film Festivals before being made available publicly.

A dedicated page has been set-up to follow the updates.

Meanwhile here is the poster:

Mr Teddy is Angry poster