Photos of the Minikino Short Film Festival

Mr Teddy is Angry was part of ON THE ROCKS an exclusive Maltese programme at the Minikino Film Festival in Bali Indonesia this August.

The Minikino Short film Festival took place despite great difficulties due to strict COVID-19 restrictions in Bali.

Here are some photos of the event:

Shot from Mr Teddy is Angry.

The other short animations are:

  • ‘Cut it out’ by Inez Kristina
  • ‘The dog man’ by Samuel Sultana and Stephanie Sant
  • ‘Sheep’ by Thomas Georgi
  • ‘Toxicity’ by Angelique Muller
  • ‘Let me be, dear’ by Samira Damato

Programmer: Angelique Muller

Full programme and catalogue here

Limited Edition Prints

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