Filfla is an award winning short animation by Fabrizio Ellul released in 2019. Done in an illustration/comic style inspired from the cell animation tradition, Filfla is a self-funded project. It is not funded by government funds, grants or private sponsorship.

The animation is inspired by the Maltese legends of il Maqluba and Filfla.


‘Filfla’ follows the story of a woman who goes to look for a boy on the mystical island of Filfla, where a terrifying creature is lurking in its midst. The short animation explores Maltese myth and folk in a story of love, grief, perseverance and hope.

‘Filfla’ is turned into the ‘Isle of the Dead’ where spirits are trapped inside the Island by an evil creature. A woman fights her own grief in pursuit of a boy, who holds the key to defeat this evil creature.

Filfla just like the spirits trapped within it, also seeks to be released.


Produced by Filfla Studio

Story: Fabrizio Ellul

Art, Direction, Animation: Fabrizio Ellul

Voices: Gianni Micallef, Feliciann Aquilina

Music: ‘Heliocentric’ – Parvus Decree; ‘Umlungu’ – John Bartmann

Year: 2019

Country: Malta

Hosted on Retrospective of Jupiter

The work is all hand drawn on an ipad pro using the procreate application. The art work was then transferred on the Photoshop animation feature to create the animation sequence. Editing was done on the Final Cut Pro.

It was conceived and produced between January 2017 and December 2018.

It was publicly released on the 24.12.2019. 

poster filfla studio 2020

Official Film Festival selections:

Art work from Filfla

Kinemastik International Short Film Festival – Audience Award

Valletta Film Festival (Official Selection)

Encounters International Short Film Festival

Limited Edition Prints

A set of limited edition prints are available from The Little Concept Store