Sarangu – A Maltese Folktale is a graphic novel by Fabrizio Ellul and published by Filfla Studio.

Released expected for 2022.

The graphic novel set in 1813 Malta during an outbreak of the Bubonic plague – which left a death toll of around 4,500 people – take inspiration from Maltese folk, landscape and historical environment.

The project aims to adapt Maltese folk to popular culture. The content will then be adapted into a virtual workshop on the development of world building and visual narratives.


Arts Council Malta

National Book Council

100% of the projected funds have been secured.


Research and development

The Sarangu’s World – A Work book – A Filfla Studio e-publication
The Sarangu’s World – The Visual Narrative – A Filfla Studio e-publication

The Sarangu’s World

The Sarangu’s World is a research project supported by Arts Council Malta to explore further the world of Filfla by focusing on the mysterious creature in the animation – The Sarangu (the sack man).

An e-publication is also available.

The Visual narrative

A follow-up to the Sarangu’s World which focuses more on the visual narrative including the story arc, character development and design as well as layout design.

An e-publication is also available.