SOMEWHERE is a story about loss and the necessity to preserve memories amidst the passing of time.

It follows the story of Vincent – captain of the Halo a space research lab specializing in human clone reproduction – who makes the decision to return to planet Earth to retrieve an item from his hometown.

SOMEWHERE is a short animation of 7 min and is the original work of Fabrizio Ellul


Art, Story and Direction: Fabrizio Ellul

Assistant Production: Matthew Attard

Assistant Production: Feliciann Aquilina

Cinematography: Ivan Saliba

3D Modelling: Sirach Borg

Sound design and Music: Owen Jay/Batti Batti Records

Produced by Filfla Studio

Funding: Screen Malta

Public release date: 2023

Concept Art

The MK1 Spacecraft

Somewhere is supported by Screen Malta