Sarangu – The Visual Narrative

The Sarangu’s World – The Visual Narrative

A project supported by Arts Council Malta through the Malta Arts Fund Special Call 2020

Project description

 The project intends to explore the use of visual narratives for graphic art and storyboarding through the use of an international virtual workshop with Kenyan graphic artist Chief Nyamweya at a time of government restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic leading to isolation and closure of borders. This project intends to look into the use of technology and new media to overcome such obstacles and continue to see international collaborations flourish during a period of global restrictions.

Character development and design


The Sarangu’s World – The Visual Narrative by Fabrizio Ellul – a Filfla Studio E-Publication – #2

This publication should be seen as a follow and companion to ʻThe Saranguʼs World – A world bookʼ, which was released for free as an e-publication in Mat 2020 following a collaboration with writer Teodor Reljic and supported by Arts Council Malta.

This project and publication is again possible with the support of Arts Council Malta   which continued to support professional artists through the difficult and unique year that 2020 was.

For this I am very grateful.

I hope these two publication will help the reader understand and appreciate the complexity of creating an immersive world.


This project benefited from a number of workshops with Kenyan based artist and graphic novelist Chief Nywameya.

 Chief Nyamweya is a storyteller, illustrator and digital artist behind several graphic novels about history, technology and creativity including Emergency (2010) and Art of Unlearning (2019). He is the co-founder of Freehand Studios, an African visual arts and education company that creates socially impactful content and experiences. Chief is a lawyer and chartered accountant by training and alumni of Singularity University in San Francisco. He recently listed in the 2019 Business Daily Africaʼs top 40 under 40 Men.